CEO-Oti Bazunu

Born in Nigeria, Osaka Telecoms founder Oti Bazunu learned about business from his mother, whom he says was a "businesswoman to the teeth." Watching her work as a wholesale buyer for small villages across Nigeria, Mr.Bazunu came to understand the value of working within one's own culture and bringing that experience to others across the globe.

Bazunu studied engineering in the UK and business in Canada (1980). Mr. Bazunu's business career soon began when he started to sell North American-made, custom-built computer systems and high-tech accessories to businesses in Nigeria.

With his intimate understanding of the African marketplace, Bazunu is easily able to navigate negotiations between these nations and the United States. He also adapts his businesses to suit his clients; when it became clear that the computers he was selling in Africa did not hold up under the heat and humidity there, he developed a built-in power backup and cooling system for them.

Grossing millions in sales, Bazunu's computer business developed into today's Osaka Telecoms, through which he has continually served the interests of African and other developing nations now by bringing them cost-effective telecommunications services.



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