Who Created Osaka Telecoms, and Why?

A decade ago, Osaka's founder Oti Bazunu observed a way to save money on overseas calls--which became known in the telecommunications industry as a "call back". Since 1992, Osaka has been improving the satellite technologies which make such call backs possible; Osaka Telecoms now builds, services and maintains sites in both European and developing nations. Please click here for more information on how Osaka can help your company or government incorporate a high-bandwidth telecommunications system.

Whom Do We Reach?

Osaka covers the telecom business from A to Z, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. The US has the best rates for calling these countries, and Osaka can help you reach anyone, anytime, for less.

Osaka Telecoms spans the globe, country by country, person by person, to help connect your customers. Using state of the art equipment, Osaka depends on both satellite and Internet Voice over IP (VOIP) connections to help reroute calls --making the cost that of a local connection, rather than long distance. With more people around the world using Osaka's services, high PTT rates may soon become obsolete.

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